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Nataliia Hryvniak

InFeatures Story Production

Nataliia Hryvniak is the founder of InFeatures Story Production, which creates multimedia content and promotes topics to international audiences related to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Researches topics related to new media, various formats of storytelling, and misinformation for international organizations and institutions, including Congress and the US State Department.

She has over 16 years of experience in communications, business management, and journalism. She is an inspiration, author of digital projects. She works as a journalist and producer for top international media (BBC, Washington Post, OCCPR, PRI, and others), media and film projects producer. Mentor, lecturer, and communications consultant.

She has graduated from Kyiv Mohyla School of Journalism (MA), BA International Christian University; a participant in international media programs of professional development and internship (USA, Estonia, Greece, Norway).

She is a member of the international community of digital specialists, Digital Communication Network.



New media reality

Why are we talking about the new reality of the media today? We live in a world full of information and with a fast pace of life. This affects how we consume content, hold attention, and notice this or that information in principle.

The media is experimenting with different formats of audience engagement and retention. Both with shorter formats, attracting attention and subsequent disclosure of history, and a constant return to history for a deeper immersion. To do this, new innovative forms and approaches are created, using technological and creative developments: virtual and augmented reality, games or gamification, interactive and immersive projects, podcasts, newsletters.

And this is where the synergy of technology and media content comes into play and opens up a huge springboard for opportunities for all areas.

In the world, and Ukraine in particular, there is a huge prospect of creating partnerships between technology companies and the media. Traditional media around the world are willing to invest in those opportunities, they see opportunities to develop media startups.

The pandemic has affected requests for quality of material that can be trusted. There is a request for information, data journalism, objective content. The population is ready to pay for this. The number of people around the world who are willing to pay for materials in the form of subscriptions, membership in the media community, and even in the form of donations has increased.

We live in a world of accelerated digitalization, most media are moving to online formats, especially during the pandemic. In Ukraine, especially after the pandemic, the audience grew by 25-65% in the digital sphere. This is a huge market for opportunities.

Among the most current trends – data visualization, engaging and retaining audiences in innovative ways, artificial intelligence for the media, gamification, audio storytelling, virtual and augmented reality, multimedia, and interactive content.

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