June, 18, 2021 Kyiv, NSC "Olimpiyskyi", 55, Velyka Vasylkivska str.

We are ready to announce the first new names of those who will join the organization of iForum-2022! The heads of new streams who took part in our competition were elected for one year, or rather, for one conference — this is enough to test themselves and give new strength to the good old iForum.

The current Organizing Committee does not exclude itself from this story — we will oversee the activities of new members, as well as we will together vote on key and controversial issues. So, welcome to the iForum-Team:


Oleksandr Kardakov, Head of the new “Cybersecurity” stream (in addition, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at “Octava Capital”):

“There is a gap in understanding the implementation of the cybersecurity function between the professional audience and the wider community, including the business environment. We assume that the elimination of this gap, alignment in understanding the meaning of the function, its key concepts, and tools will contribute to the formation of an adequate assessment of the importance and role of cybersecurity, which in general will increase the cyber resilience of Ukrainian business and government. In our stream, we intend to focus on experience and best practices. We will talk more about this later when the active phase of preparation for iForum begins.”



Vadym Hrusha, Head of the new “Blockchain” stream (also director and co-founder, Trustee Wallet):

“With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the development of distributed interaction systems — so-called blockchain — society has developed even more transformations. In our stream, we plan to discuss what cryptocurrencies are, talk about decentralized finances, their economic and philosophical essence. We will form a fundamental category of knowledge for our audience, with the maximum focus on the current state of things in the sphere. We will show clearly how many businesses already exist and what areas are not yet occupied, being very promising. So that the iForum-2022 participants can draw relevant conclusions for themselves and, if necessary, reorient their businesses.”



Oleksandr Kolb, Head of the new “E-commerce” stream (Promodo, CEO):

“I personally believe that E-commerce is the engine of our online business, so it is very important that the stream about it with key players be present at iForum – the main event in the IT industry of the country. We have been working in the Internet marketing market for 17 years and are very grateful to the Organizing Committee for the opportunity to offer a new expert format of the e-commerce section, in which we will discuss key issues with key market players: growth dynamics, presence formats, development tools, and other significant industry issues. We will make every effort and add all our expertise to bring together key players on iForum in the “E-commerce” stream.”



Serhiy Petrenko (Odesa Regional Development Agency), will act as a Head of “Startups” stream, next to Denys Dovgopolyi though we knew him previously as a host of this stream:

“Startups” stream is dedicated to the development of the startup ecosystem in Ukraine, attracting venture capital, growth strategies, and success stories from prominent Ukrainian companies. Among the speakers of our stream, you will traditionally see investment funds, market experts, government officials. As for the improvement of the stream, we will share our plans next year.”


So, there will be for sure the following Streams at iForum-2022:

  • Startups
  • Digital Fun
  • Internet Technologies
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • CRM
  • Future
  • Main Stage
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • E-commerce

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