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Volodymyr Spivakovskyi

"Grand" Corporation

He is a creator of the educational platform “Edu Future 7W”.

Founder of the Grand Lyceum and the online school “Grand Expo”. President of the national competition “Brand of the Year”.

He has implemented more than 50 business projects, authored 9 best-selling books and 57 patents. Ph.D. in Economics. He conducted dozens of courses and hundreds of television programs.

Finalist in the competition organized by Lauren Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs) for the best education system for the United States. Expert of the “Future of Education Systems” competition for the Charles Yidan Prize (founder of the world’s largest gaming company Tencent, Hong Kong, Charles Yidan).

Ambassador of the world’s best Finnish education system “HundrEd Program”.

He traveled to 107 countries. Twice Guinness World Record holder.



From Education 2.0. to Education 5.0.

1. Tectonic shifts in world education.

– Avant-garde ambitions in different countries are gaining momentum and transforming this industry.
– The global world, the information age, and the Covid-19 epidemic have become a springboard and catalyst for new algorithms for the development of education.
– Global educational platforms are starting to enter the competition.

2. Seven key challenges of the 7W education system.

– Why study? … What to learn? … How to study? … From whom to learn? … Where to study? … How much does it cost, and who has to pay for it? … What should be the end result?
– Packaging-delivery-assimilation of information: technologies, algorithms, and motivations.
– Integrated case studies: More knowledge in less time.

3. Education beyond uncertainty. What if?..

– Redesign of the future. Puzzles that make up the education system.
– Trends in monetization, capitalization, and optimization of education.
– Don’t hesitate and act while you are ready.

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