June, 18, 2021 Kyiv, NSC "Olimpiyskyi", 55, Velyka Vasylkivska str.

Volodymyr Panchenko


He is the founder and CEO of DMarket, a global marketplace, and technology for building meta Universes.

A serial entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in the gaming industry. He was involved in the creation of the crypto industry. He has several successful projects, including Skins.Cash, a market for game items, and Suntechsoft, the largest private gaming trading platform.

Now Volodymyr is developing DMarket, a platform for trading game and virtual items and technology for creating virtual worlds. DMarket has already raised more than $26 million from the community and venture capitalists.



Virtual Now

  • Intro: who is Volodymyr Panchenko.
  • Why we live in the matrix and how to prepare for the year 2026.
  • The development of two ecosystems: the global financial system in the cloud, thanks to the crypto boom, and virtual universes, thanks to the gaming industry.
  • Roblox VS Ethereum.
  • The merger of two systems – crypto and gaming – tens of trillions of dollars and a whole new level of civilization.
  • Creating virtual worlds and a working boom together with economic growth within virtual worlds.
  • We all need a strategy now – how to prepare for the new reality and use it as effectively as possible.

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