June, 18, 2021 Kyiv, NSC "Olimpiyskyi", 55, Velyka Vasylkivska str.

Kateryna Mykhalko

Clubhouse Ukrainian Show

She is a founder of the initiative, dedicated to innovative entrepreneurship development in the regions of Ukraine, and also a project manager of state reforms.



The chat of civilly and technologically excited Ukrainians

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the opportunity to unite with people from one professional sphere was lost. The number of quality acquaintances has decreased, the quality of conversations has deteriorated (because live communication is more convenient and productive than Zoom).

In January 2021 in Kyiv, Vlad Greziev and I decided to test the new social network Clubhouse, starting a conversation there and met Nick Belogorsky from San Francisco. After talking for 5 hours, we decided that pandemic limitations can make discussions more interesting. As people are not tied to their geography and have more free time to participate in discussions. Our talks became regular, they were joined by Ukrainians from more than 30 cities, they began to cover all continents.

During the next three months, the Ukrainian Show business community has grown to 15,000 Ukrainians without a single dollar of investment. We interviewed industry leaders: Vladislav Chechotkin, Oleksandr Kosovan, Kira Rudyk, Max Lytvyn. In addition, entrepreneurs from the Valley, for example Kamal Ravikant and Max Skibinsky, were randomly involved in the discussion.

This experience has shown that pandemic limitations are just new rules of the game that open up opportunities to grow projects at a higher speed. The Ukrainian Show simulated a parallel Ukrainian reality, where every day thousands of responsible citizens discuss how to build an innovative country. The Ukrainian Show showed that it is worth creating a dialogue about the national strategy between people who usually do not communicate in everyday life.

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