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Igor Shoifot

TMT Investments

Partner at TMT Investments. Founder of STARTUP Kotiki. Co-founder of Angelsdeck. An investor, board member at 100+ startups with combined valuations of several billion dollars.

TMT Investments: 3 unicorns, 14 profitable exits, high returns. 25 years in American high-tech. Rated a top investor in numerous investor rankings (National Association of Business Angels, etc.) CEO of Epsylon Games, the largest gaming site on Microsoft WebTV in the 1990s (70+ games).

Co-founder of a large photo site Fotki (25M users in the early 2000s). Sold vInternship.com system to Manhattan Institute of Management). Taught at UC Berkeley, New York University, and UCSF for 11 years. Chaired startup accelerators and incubators (Happy Farm and Startup Nation) in Ukraine and Asia. Wrote a chapter in the “Masters of Corporate Venture Capital” book.

Numerous interviews and articles about venture capital and startup growth in Forbes, NBC, Inc. Magazine, CIO Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wired, LA Times, Business Insider, etc.

MBA from Boston University, Ph.D. from the Russian Academy of Sciences, MA from Central European University in Budapest.



End of Silicon Valley?

How Silicon Valley will (never) die, and what globalization of the Valley can do for you?

  • The long-expected “death” of Silicon Valley is here – what to make of it?
  • The Valley is “everywhere” now – how to use it?
  • Building global startups in times of global dilemmas.
  • Fundraising globally – and how to get it done.

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