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Anze Jereb & Oleksandr Katkov

BBDO Ukraine

  • Anze Jereb, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Ukraine & CA

He started his professional career 26 years ago in Slovenia. He has worked in local and international creative agencies in Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, and Ukraine. He is a multiple winner and member of the jury of international creativity and advertising festivals – Effie Ukraine (Ukraine), EPICA (EU), Golden Drum (Slovenia), Golden Hammer (Latvia), White Square (Belarus), ADC*E (Spain), AdBlackSea (Georgia), ADC * UA (Ukraine), etc.

  • Oleksandr Katkov, Communication Strategy Director at BBDO Ukraine

After he had joined the newspaper’s newsroom in 1997, he never left the mass media. Since then, he has been a proofreader, reporter, copywriter, marketing manager at OTT startup, and a COO at a couple of advertising agencies.

He claims that this experience gave him the opportunity to understand the client’s business, people’s behavior, and the essence of creative developments. Actually, to be a communication strategist.

BBDO Ukraine uses more than a century-long experience and expertise of the most creative international network of advertising agencies, BBDO. Thanks to first-class creative ideas, BBDO Ukraine helps brands become part of mass culture. Modern techniques, close cooperation, and a five-star level of customer service help companies grow their businesses, increase profits and capitalization of their brands. BBDO Ukraine creates world-class creative advertising campaigns.

Advertising and Promotion


Boring facts about fascinating stories: how can businesses grow in Ukrainian thickets

How does an international creative agency help businesses grow in Ukrainian thickets.

Tons of data and years of research confirm (you won’t believe it!) — creative advertising works better than a casual one. How do they live in the world knowing that, and what do they do with it in Ukraine.

Figures and cases from the creative director and strategist of the international advertising agency №1 in Ukraine.

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